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I don't remember exactly when I started cooking.

I know it was when I was just a child. My mother often baked bread at home as early as when I was in kindergarten – and there was something magical about the aroma, how it transported me to a place of love and comfort. Baking became my passion, from Tokyo, to Vietnam, to New York.

Flash forward to when I came to California with my family in 2014. I continued baking my own distinctive breads (using my original techniques), which became popular with my friends and all the wonderful people in my circle (the key ingredients were love and laughter).

We were accepted with such generous, open arms by California, and we wanted to give back, and decided to open Brio Brio, a neighborhood establishment dedicated to bringing people together through warm, wholesome, delicious baked goods and Asian-American fusion creations. So, again, the aroma of freshly baked bread brings joy, contentment, and the fulfillment of sharing that joy with friends and family.

That is the heart of it all: sharing joy through fundamental things, like family and friends and the satisfaction of knowing I am creating exciting, delicious, scrumptious things like my signature brioche, my Japanese-California fusion sandwiches, matcha products – creations with international flair.

At Brio Brio, we use only the most wholesome, healthy ingredients. We pay attention to every detail, because baking isn’t just our vocation; it is our passion and commitment.

So, these are my ingredients: love, laughter, togetherness, acceptance and generosity. Please feel welcome to be a part of it . . . and remember: Life can be scrumptious!

Chef and owner Naoko

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